At Naviflex, we always believe that the “human” factor is the key to sustainable development. We always build and improve the professional working environment to be a stepping stone for our “staff” of creative freedom and dedication to our best.


Transparency – Fairness: This is the criteria that Naviflex puts on top, applying the organization’s policies to ensure that all members of the company are equal.

Cooperation – Sincerity: Management always listen and guide employees; colleagues are willing to share, support each other and learn together to accomplish common goals.

Young – Enthusiastic: Most of the young, enthusiastic personnel, this is a place for you to unleash creativity, dare to think – dare to do and burn out in the work and activities of the organization.

Professional: From modern equipment, spacious workplace, safe environment, clean and beautiful, fully furnished to the professional working style of employees.

Remuneration, welfare policies: Naviflex always focuses on the spiritual life as well as the health of every member of the company such as: Annual health check, lunch allowance, health care insurance health, tourism…


Understanding – spreading the company’s cultural values is the responsibility as well as the duty of all employees, from the highest management to every position in the company.

Reputation: Each employee always ensures to build trust from customers, partners and colleagues to build up the company’s prestigious brand.

Concentricity – Generic Direction: This is the value that everyone in the company always considers and implements in their daily work, thereby overcoming pressures and challenges to accomplish the company’s development goals and strategies.

Sophisticated – Tidy: Since its establishment, this is one of the criteria that every employee always strives to complete well and that makes a difference in Naviflex’s manufacturing process.

Positive: The spirit of optimism, positive thinking, accepting challenges and changes for sustainable development are always encouraged in every member of the organization.

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