Flip Flop Door SWD01-NF

SWD01 - NF
Area of ​​use:
The door is installed in the warehouse between the production area and the warehouse that needs to be refrigerated.
Opening / losing speed:
Lead time:
15 - 20 days
Delivery method:
Road transport

Flip Flop Door SWD01-NF is manufactured on request with European quality standards, considered a solution to prevent cold, not to obscure vision, to support optimal circulation.

Flip Flop Door is a 1-2-leaf door, reinforced by a fixed frame, and withstands a great impact with continuous opening and closing frequency. The door material of 304 stainless steel door leaf or PVC sheet offers high durability when used. The door works by automatically rotating back to its original position after being opened. Mostly used in large supermarkets, trade centers, goods import and export warehouses, and food processing factories … where traffic density is frequent.


  • Flexible door when use: The door has a frame fixed by stainless steel bars, stainless steel doors pour insulation or PVC curtain, so it is very flexible to use.
  • Lightweight and durable doors: The steel swing cold door is very light with stainless steel material, durable and impact-resistant, withstands harsh weather, is easy to install, and clean, and does not cost regular maintenance because the hinge and wall PVC is extremely durable.
  • Create a vision through: The door is designed with a flexible and durable PVC sheet of high quality, creating a good view.
  • Good cold keeping: The rubber seal at the door helps to squeeze the wing frame, and the PU foam core increases heat resistance and effectively prevents heat loss.
  • Door options: Doors have many types to help customers easily choose and meet maximum needs: PVC step doors (PVC automatic rotating doors), and metal step doors (stainless steel automatic flip flop doors).
  • Meet food safety standards: Produced according to European technology standards. Helping the factory to meet the safety standards in production operations: ISO 14000, ISO 45001: 2018, ROHS, HACCP, GMP…
  • Easy to install and dismantle: The door is designed simply and intelligently to make the operation flexible, easy to install, dismantle, and clean.
Condition: New
Brand name: Naviflex
Place of origin: Vietnam
Size: 3000 x 3000 / On required
Open/close cycles: Updating
Material: INOX 304
Door plate thickness: 50 (mm)
Color: Blue, Black/ On required
Technology: Powder coating ASTM standard
Temperature range: -5˚C to 50˚C (No freezing)
Voltage: Updating
Wattage: Updating
Safe device: Updating
Control: Hinge turned on
Warranty: 1 years
Installation location:



                        Door handle




               Rubber sheet damping



Technical drawing of Steel Swing Cold Door SWD01-NF




Packaging Details:

Packing in wooden/cotton/PE film carton.



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