In the age of technology 4.0, warehouse solution “problem” is always a problem that many people care about. In order to meet the needs and desires of each customer in transporting and preserving goods. Naviflex provides customers with on-demand design services with beautiful, safe and fast models.

Free Consultation

Consulting products and solutions is the decisive factor to the effectiveness of the product when put into practice.

Estimate of expenses

Estimate of expenses are essential for businesses to make the most appropriate and accurate decisions.

Design upon request

Designing on demand is the most optimal solution for businesses whose constructions design is not in compliance with standards or needs to renovate constructions.

Product Installation

With a team of experienced technicians and a high level of expertise, ensuring the product’s stable operation and completion on schedule.


The warranty team receives information 24/7, quickly handles problems so as not to interrupt production and business activities.


In addition to manufacturing and providing industrial door system solutions, Naviflex also has the safest and most efficient on-demand design service with reasonable cost and modern production technology to bring great satisfaction to customers.

Free Consultation

The team of consultants is ready to receive all the ideas and wishes of customers, propose solutions suitable to the professional design process.

Standardized Requirements And Design

After receiving the design according to the model and size, we will provide the solution and proceed with the design, modification until the design is completed.

Meet Absolute Requirements

Naviflex always ensures the design, production processes closely to bring safety and quality in each product with convenient and intelligent features.

Dedicated Customer Support

With a team of professionally trained consultants, Naviflex will advise and recommend appropriate solution packages, helping customers make the best decisions.

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