Over head door

In order to meet the needs of customers, sliding ceiling doors are divided into 4 main types: standard doors, cold storage doors, showrooms, civil-garage doors. All are designed according to European standards, ensuring safety for users.

Roller shutter door

Metal rolling door includes 4 main lines: standard line, super field line, line plate, aluminum nan line. Each door line possesses different advantages but still ensures aesthetics, beautiful durability and good property protection.

High speed door

Naviflex fast rolling doors are doors with fast opening and closing speed from 0.8 m / s – 2.0 m / s. Quick roll doors include metal doors, cold storage doors, standard doors, recovery doors, layered doors, PU insulated doors.

Supporting products

Supporting products at Naviflex include: PVC curtain, Navilight insecticide lamp and Nafuji windscreen fan. This is a comprehensive set of 3 layers of protection used in many warehouses

Clean Room Solution

Clean room doors are specialized equipment – a high-class automatic door system specially designed for clean rooms in hospitals, operating rooms, industrial zones, … rooms that require the highest level of hygiene.

Fire door

Fireproof door is a very heavy door made of galvanized steel, offers high durability, inside is equipped with a fireproof core made of honeycomb and rockwool materials to help sound and heat insulation effectively.

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