Naviflex always attaches importance to the training process and improves the development of roadmap for each employee. You are a new employee, you are a new graduate employee, not experienced yet. Naviflfex is always proactive in creating development opportunities by providing basic information, useful training courses and supporting flexibility in the development and creation process, contributing to the development of the company.

Integration training:

New members joining Naviflex are always warmly welcomed.

Get acquainted with departments and factories.

Be informed about corporate culture, policies and regimes.

Vocational training:

Supervision teams and engineers will have training courses from basic to advanced.

Working closely with topics related to the construction industry, M&E...

Training skills courses:

Communication, presentation skills.

Teamwork skill.

Problem-solving skills.

Training and developing the succession team:

Potential personnel is selected to participate in specialized activities.

Participating in 3F Club activities (Where to introduce skilled and capable managers).

Cultivate talents:

University and College students have the opportunity to be with the company.

Participating in the program: Apprentice engineers, factory visits... bring the right view of career orientation and practical experience.

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