High speed doors installed in appropriate waiting cells, often used for industrial environments, need to separate the area, need more cars to travel, automatically open and close. Installing doors helps reduce the time and reduce the tasks for workers working in that area. When making the window, it will depend on the need and the current situation to select the appropriate type.

Background sensors usually have two rings installed: the front door and the rear door. During construction, the foundation will be constructed to bury the ring from the ground. The size of the ring size depends on the desired and the status of the door mounting area. Meanwhile, the forklifts are back and forth, the platform sensor works and automatically opens and closes for the vehicle. Particularly with the effect of human footsteps, the background sensor is not effective enough, so switch to using radar eye. Radar should be used at 3500 high or lower (recommended). Rada only needs action, will detect the sensor.

The set of high speed roller shutter door has buttons available for opening and closing. When installing the ground sensor, the sensor helps the forklift truck go back and forth, when there is a signal from the car, the door will automatically open and close. Reducing the driver must get on and off the car and start the car to open the door, reduce heat, reduce the impact of goods inside the door installation area…

Leaf hinges are thinner, mortar hinges are thicker and the price is higher, better quality. But depending on the type of door that choose the appropriate hinge type. These two hinges differ in structure and shape.


In order to get a quotation of products, customers need to provide Naviflex with the following information: Personal information (Full name / Company name / Department / Phone number, Email), Project information (Project name / Product dimension drawings / Location of installation)

At Naviflex, there are many lines of doors with different colors, the price of the product will be accurately reported according to customer requirements (door type, size, color …). So to get the right price for your desired product, call the consulting department and provide full quotation information.

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