In order to bring confidence about the quality and safety of products, the following is a detailed drawing of product design at Naviflex. This drawing helps customers to see the size, specifications as well as material details, product standards in the most objective way.

Technical drawing of Overhead Door – Industrial – OHDI1-NF

H: Clearance height ≤ 8000 (mm)
W: Clearance width ≤ 8000 (mm)

Technical drawing of Roller shutter door SD01-NF

H: Clearance height ≤ 10000 (mm)
W: Clearance width ≤ 6500 (mm)

Technical drawing of high speed door HSD01-NF

H: Clearance height ≤ 6000 (mm)
W: Clearance width ≤ 4000 (mm)

Technical drawing of Cold Door CLD01 – NF

H: Clearance height ≤ 3500 (mm)
W: Clearance width ≤ 5000 (mm)

Technical drawing of Exit fire door EXD01-NF

Maximum size 1 wing (mm) 1260 x 2505 (WxH)
Maximum size 2 wings (mm) 2510 x 2505 (WxH)
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